How it Works

Once you’ve signed up, you will be emailed the start location and an activation code with links which will give you access to the hunt online.

You will be given directions with hints to find each point of interest, where you will then need to answer a question to progress further. Get the questions right, and get the directions to the next point of interest. If you get stuck, you can ask for Clues to point you in the right direction.


Most hunts include between 6 – 10 points of interest and take about 2 hours to complete depending on your team’s performance, and whether you’re trying one of our pub hunts, which will take longer if you’re having a few pints along the way! All points of interest are within walking distance.

Our hunts will bring you to what we think are some of our cities’ highlights. We’ll bring you down small cobbled streets, around old libraries, into historic pubs and deep into exploration of Ireland’s cities and towns.

It’s up to you how many team members in your group, we recommend two to four people.

Once you’ve signed up, play within 28 days on any days where the hunt is stated as being able to play.